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Paul loves to travel, and can normally be found at a local street food cart. Luckily for you, he often has a camera with him, so you can enjoy the experience with him!

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Korea’s craziest treat: introducing the Churro Dog!


Korea is home to some amazing treats – and some of them are quite unique!

Recently, we tried out the newest invention hitting the streets: the churros dog (츄로 도그)! This unique street food is a hot dog on a stick, wrapped with fresh churro batter, deep fried, then covered in cinnamon, sugar, ketchup, and mustard!

Watch our review here:

If you want to try this unique treat, you’ll have to check out the seller’s Instagram account. For this video, I headed to Jamsil in Seoul. The price of the churro dog costs 3500 KRW.

churro dog in seoul
Churro Dog and truck in Jamsil, Seoul (잠실 츄로 도그)

If you are visiting South Korea, you’ll have an almost endless amount of street foods to try out. However, this one is one of the most unique foods you can try, and is perfect for Instagram!

츄로 도그
The churro dog is delicious! Try it out today!

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Trying the Cheeto’s Krispy Kreme in Korea

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Krispy Kreme in South Korea has come up with a unique combination of flavors: the Cheeoto’s Doughnut!

The Cheeto’s Pop (치토스 팝) is one of four flavors in Krispy Kreme’s ‘Cheese Holic’ campaign, which is currently running. Other flavors include a nacho cheese donut, cheddar cheese donut, and a tomato and chili cheese flavor donut.

We tried these four flavors out and reviewed them for those of you who don’t live in Korea.

Be sure to check out what we thought about them!



[BONUS] Full Performance KARD in Seoul (June 23, 2018)

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Enjoy a performance by the K-Pop group KARD!

I shot this on Jun 23, 2018 (180623) in Seoul.


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On June 23, KARD (members B.M, Jiwoo, J.Seph and Somin) performed in Seoul, South Korea. They were performing as part of the World Cup celebrations in Seoul.

KARD performed two of their hits before leaving the venue (pictured above)

I filmed this footage with my Galaxy S9 phone. All images and videos belong to me. If you would like to reuse them, please contact me at

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Visiting Seoul’s BEST Dog Cafe!

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If you have ever been to Seoul, you’ll know that there is a coffee shop on almost every corner! In addition, coffee is sold in convenience stores in a variety of ways.

Seeing as there are about 2 bazillion cafes in the city, owners have to come up with new and interesting ways to gain customers. You might find yourself at a Charlie Brown cafe, a cafe with live sheep or raccoons, or even a poo cafe (yes, really)!

My favorite cafe to visit on the weekend is located in Itaewon. It is a dog-friendly cafe called 3239 Cafe. My pups and I love visiting the cafe. I find myself with a nice Americano (iced, thank you), while the doggo gets to play with his friends and run around.

This weekend we visited 3239 and documented our adventures. Check it out!

If you’re interested in visiting this great dog cafe in Itaewon, Seoul, you can find the address in the description box of the video!

3239 dog cafe in Seoul

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