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How to tour ‘Parasite’ filming locations in Seoul!

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Fans from around the world are wondering where ‘Parasite’ was filmed in Seoul, South Korea. If you’re wondering where your favorite scenes were filmed, and how to reach them, then read on! Today I’m taking you on a journey of four places you can visit on a ‘Parasite’ filming location tour – and you can do it on your own without the help of a tour company! (Updated June 2, 2020)

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Discover Incheon, South Korea

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When you think of South Korea, you almost certainly think of the country’s largest city: Seoul. However, just an hour away from central Seoul lies a bustling city called Incheon. Odds are, if you fly into Korea, you’ll find yourself arriving at Incheon International Airport. Incheon is home to roughly 3 million people, and is easily found on the Seoul subway system.